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Successful installation of the HELIOS loop

The HELIOS loop (Helium Loop for High Load Smoothing) is developed to study the smoothing of variable thermal loads received by cryogenic systems of future JT60-SA and ITER fusion reactors. It was put into operation in July at the Low Temperature Service (SBT).

Published on 2 September 2010
For the Japanese JT60-SA reactor, the goal is to absorb peak powers of about 12 kW with average cooling power over a 6 kW plasma cycle. HELIOS operates with forced convection of supercritical helium at 4.4 K and 5 bar pressure.
We realized the design of the loop and subcontracted the realization. Cold setting, circulation of the cryogenic fluid, calibrations and obtaining the nominal operating conditions have been successfully tested. The test campaign with pulsed loads starts in October.

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