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A milestone in the JT-60 SA project

​The 17th meeting of technical coordination for the proposed superconducting tokamak JT-60SA was held in Grenoble in the Inac on 28 and 29 May 2013. The meeting brought together some forty European and Japanese experts in charge of coordination and components for future tokamak JT-60SA which commissioning is scheduled for early in 2019 on the site of JAEA Naka (Japan).

Published on 17 July 2013
The assembly of the tokamak began in January 2013 with delivery by Spain (CIEMAT) of the low mechanical part supporting the entire tokamak.

Following this review and analysis related documents, an important milestone was reached and the detailed design phase and the first supply contracts could start at Air Liquide. The components of the cryogenic plant will be assembled at Air Liquide Sassenage until November 2014 before being installed in Japan from April 2015.

The finalization of the equipment is scheduled for the summer of 2016 following the completion of the acceptance tests. This cryogenic plant with a power equivalent to approximately 4.5K 9kW will cool about 650 tons of superconducting magnets 4.5K, 100 tons of heat shields at 80 K and cryopumps at 3.7K.

Three institutes of the DSM (IRFM, Irfu, Inac) are involved in this project tokamak for the provision of the following equipment: Part of superconducting toroidal field coils and testing for all of these coils (IRFM-Irfu) the internal and external structures of toroidal coils and field supports (Irfu), part of the power supplies (IRFM) and the cryogenic system (Inac-IRFM).

Technical Coordination Meeting JT-60SA Tokamak project, CEA-Grenoble, 28-29 Mai 2013.

The beginning of the assembling of JT-60SA tokamak (January 2013, Naka).

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