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UMR-E 9004

Low Temperatures Systems Department (DSBT)

Published on 10 January 2023
Head of SBT
DSBT Director
François Millet
DSBT Deputy Director


The field of competences of DSBT relates to the cryotechnology in a broad range of temperatures since a few hundred millikelvins until approximately 100 K Our programs relate mainly to the placement of superfluid helium applied to installations of big size, cryogenics associated with thermonuclear fusion and the cryoréfrigérateurs in particular for the space applications.

The Service consists of 6 groups (three "thematic" groups and three "support" groups):
• Refrigeration and Thermohydraulics Laboratory (LRTH)
• Cryocoolers and Space Cryogenics Laboratory (LCCS)
• Cryogenics for Fusion Laboratory
• Electronics and Automatics Laboratory (LEA)
• Liquefaction, Refrigeration and Characterization Laboratory (LLRC)
• Calculations and Cryogenic Design Laboratory (L3C)