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Adrien Vassal

Study of a multi-client cryogenic system for SPIRAL2

Published on 4 November 2019
Thesis presented November 04, 2019

The thesis works describe in this manuscript deal with the modelling and the control of LINAC cryogenic process. The components of the LINAC cryogenic system (cryomodule,valves, pipes,...) are modeled as interconnectable objects. Those same objects are used to model the SPIRAL2 cryogenic system. The model trueness is evaluated through comparison between experimental and simulated data. Once the model prediction capability has been validated, the models are used to synthetized control laws. More specifically, a linear quadratic command and an extended Kalman filter has been realized for the SPIRAL2 cryomodule. Finally, a hierarchical control for a cryogenic refrigerator has been studied. A method is proposed for the control of multiple interconnected subsystems regulated through PID, LQ and MPC controllers.

LINAC, cryomodule, SPIRAL2, cryogenics, system modelling, control engineering, hierarchical control