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SBT publications in 2014

Published on 12 March 2019
BICEP2. II. Experiment and three-year data set
Ade PAR, Aikin RW, Amiri M, Barkats D, Benton SJ, Bischoff CA, Bock JJ, Brevik JA, Buder I, Bullock E, et al.
Astrophysical Journal 792 (2014) 62

Detection of B-Mode Polarization at Degree Angular Scales by BICEP2
Ade PAR, Aikin RW, Barkats D, Benton SJ, Bischoff CA, Bock JJ, Brevik JA, Buder I, Bullock E, Dowell CD, et al.
Physical Review Letters 112 (2014) 241101

Degree-scale cosmic microwave background polarization measurements from three years of BICEP1 data
Barkats D, Aikin R, Bischoff C, Buder I, Kaufman JP, Keating BG, Kovac JM, Su M, Ade PAR, Battle JO, et al.
Astrophysical Journal 783 (2014) 67

Critical Point in Space: A Quest for Universality
Beysens D
Microgravity Science and Technology 26 (2014) 201-218

Nonlinear observer of the thermal loads applied to the helium bath of a cryogenic Joule-Thompson cycle
Bonne F, Alamir M and Bonnay P
Journal of Process Control 24 (2014) 73-80

SAFARI engineering model 50 mK cooler
Duband L, Duval JM and Luchier N
Cryogenics 64 (2014) 213-219

Faraday instability in a near-critical fluid under weightlessness
Gandikota G, Chatain D, Amiroudine S, Lyubimova T and Beysens D
Physical Review E 89 (2014) 013022

Frozen-wave instability in near-critical hydrogen subjected to horizontal vibration under various gravity fields
Gandikota G, Chatain D, Amiroudine S, Lyubimova T and Beysens D
Physical Review E 89 (2014) 012309

Dynamic equilibrium under vibrations of H-2 liquid-vapor interface at various gravity levels
Gandikota G, Chatain D, Lyubimova T and Beysens D
Physical Review E 89 (2014) 063003

Continuous production of a thin ribbon of solid hydrogen
Garcia S, Chatain D and Perin JP
Laser and Particle Beams 32 (2014) 569-575

Crossover Equation of State Models Applied to the Critical Behavior of Xenon
Garrabos Y, Lecoutre C, Marre S, Guillaument R, Beysens D and Hahn I
Journal of Statistical Physics Online First (2014)

Dew condensation on desert beetle skin
Guadarrama-Cetina J, Mongruel A, Medici MG, Baquero E, Parker AR, Milimouk-Melnytchuk I, Gonzalez-Vinas W and Beysens D
European Physical Journal E 37 (2014) 109

Droplet pattern and condensation gradient around a humidity sink
Guadarrama-Cetina J, Narhe RD, Beysens DA and Gonzalez-Vinas W
Physical Review E 89 (2014) 012402

4C modeling of the supercritical helium loop HELIOS in isobaric configuration
Guelfi F, Bonifetto R, Hoa C, Savoldi L and Zanino R
Cryogenics 64 (2014) 51-62

Long and high conductance helium heat pipe
Gully P
Cryogenics 64 (2014) 255-259

Imaging critical fluctuations of pure fluids and binary mixtures
Hegseth JJ, Oprisan A, Garrabos Y and Beysens D
Physical Review E 90 (2014) 022127

Self-calibration of BICEP1 three-year data and constraints on astrophysical polarization rotation
Kaufman JP, Miller NJ, Shimon M, Barkats D, Bischoff C, Buder I, Keating BG, Kovac JM, Ade PAR, Aikin R, et al.
Physical Review D 89 (2014) 062006

Validation of an EcosimPro (R) model for the assessment of two heat load smoothing strategies in the HELIOS experiment
Lagier B, Hoa C and Rousset B
Cryogenics 62 (2014) 60-70

Boiling phenomena in near-critical SF6 observed in weightlessness
Lecoutre C, Garrabos Y, Beysens D, Nikolayev V and Hahn I
Acta Astronautica 100 (2014) 22-29

Vibration Effect on a Thermal Front Propagation in a Square Cavity Filled with Incompressible Fluid
Lyubimova T, Beysens D, Gandikota G and Amiroudine S
Microgravity Science and Technology 26 (2014) 51-56

Edge effects on water droplet condensation
Medici M-G, Mongruel A, Royon L and Beysens D
Physical Review E 90 (2014) 062403

Dimple coalescence and liquid droplets distributions during phase separation in a pure fluid under microgravity
Oprisan A, Oprisan SA, Hegseth JJ, Garrabos Y, Lecoutre-Chabot C and Beysens D
European Physical Journal E 37 (2014) 85

Experimental results on MgB2 used as ADR magnetic shields, and comparison to NbTi
Prouve T, Duval JM, Luchier N and D'Escrivan S
Cryogenics 64 (2014) 201-206

Superfluid high REynolds von Karman experiment
Rousset B, Bonnay P, Diribarne P, Girard A, Poncet JM, Herbert E, Salort J, Baudet C, Castaing B, Chevillard L, et al.
Review of Scientific Instruments 85 (2014) 103908

Probing quantum and classical turbulence analogy in von Karman liquid helium, nitrogen, and water experiments
Saint-Michel B, Herbert E, Salort J, Baudet C, Mardion MB, Bonnay P, Bourgoin M, Castaing B, Chevillard L, Daviaud F, et al.
Physics of Fluids 26 (2014) 125109

Operations and performance of the PACS instrument He-3 sorption cooler on board of the Herschel space observatory
Sauvage M, Okumura K, Klaas U, Mueller T, Moor A, Poglitsch A, Feuchtgruber H and Duband L
Experimental Astronomy 37 (2014) 397-431

Mass Production of Superconducting Magnet Components for JT-60SA
Yoshida K, Murakami H, Kizu K, Tsuchiya K, Kamiya K, Koide Y, Phillips G, Zani L, Wanner M, Barabaschi P, et al.
Ieee Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 24 (2014) 4200806