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SBT publications in 2009

Published on 12 March 2019
Phase transition under forced vibrations in critical CO2
Beysens D, Garrabos Y, Chatain D, Evesque P
Epl 86 (2009) 16003

20 K Energy storage unit
Bonfait G, Catarino I, Afonso J, Martins D, Linder M, Duband L
Cryogenics 49 (2009) 326-333

Comparison of various radiation-cooled dew condensers using computational fluid dynamics
Clus O, Ouazzani J, Muselli M, Nikolayev VS, Sharan G, Beysens D
Desalination 249 (2009) 707-712

Transparent heater for study of the boiling crisis near the vapor-liquid critical point
Garrabos Y, Lecoutre C, Beysens D, Nikolayev V, Barde S, Pont G, Zappoli B
Acta Astronautica 66 (2009) 760-768

Upgrade of the CATS sample changer on FIP-BM30A at the ESRF: towards a commercialized standard
Jacquamet L, Joly J, Bertoni A, Charrault P, Pirocchi M, Vernede X, Bouis F, Borel F, Perin JP, Denis T, Rechatin JL, Ferrer JL
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 16 (2009) 14-21

Magnetogravitational potential revealed near a liquid-vapor critical point
Lorin C, Mailfert A, Chatain D, Felice H, Beysens D
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (2009) 033905

Dew and rain water collection in the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
Muselli M, Beysens D, Mileta M, Milimouk I
Atmospheric Research 92 (2009) 455-463

Condensation-induced jumping water drops
Narhe RD, Khandkar MD, Shelke PB, Limaye AV, Beysens DA
Physical Review E 80 (2009) 031604

Visualization in cryogenic environment: Application to two-phase studies
Rousset B, Chatain D, Puech L, Thibault P, Viargues F, Wolf PE
Cryogenics 49 (2009) 554-564

Probing helium interfaces with light scattering: From fluid mechanics to statistical physics
Wolf PE, Bonnet F, Guyon L, Lambert T, Perraud S, Puech L, Rousset B, Thibault P
European Physical Journal E 28 (2009) 183-198