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SBT publications in 2008

Published on 12 March 2019

Thermovibrational instability in supercritical fluids under weightlessness
Amiroudine S, Beysens D
Physical Review E 78 (2008) 036325

Nucleation and growth of a bubble pattern under vibrations in weightlessness
Beysens D, Chatain D, Evesque P, Garrabos Y
Epl 82 (2008) 36003

Neon gas-gap heat switch
Catarino I, Bonfait G, Duband L
Cryogenics 48 (2008) 17-25

Cryogenic systems for inertial fusion energy
Chatain D, Perin JP, Bonnay P, Bouleau E, Chichoux M, Communal D, Manzagol J, Viargues F, Brisset D, Lamaison V, Paquignon G
Laser and Particle Beams 26 (2008) 517-523

Study of dew water collection in humid tropical islands
Clus O, Ortega P, Muselli M, Milimouk I, Beysens D
Journal of Hydrology 361 (2008) 159-171

Herschel flight models sorption coolers
Duband L, Clerc L, Ercolani E, Guillemet L, Vallcorba R
Cryogenics 48 (2008) 95-105

Design and prototyping of a large capacity high frequency pulse tube
Ercolani E, Poncet JM, Charles I, Duband L, Tanchon J, Trollier T, Ravex A
Cryogenics 48 (2008) 439-447

Near-critical fluid boiling: Overheating and wetting flims
Hegseth J, Oprisan A, Garrabos Y, Lecoutre-Chabot C, Nikolayev VS, Beysens D
European Physical Journal E 26 (2008) 345-353

Dynamic modeling of contact-line deformation: Comparison with experiment
Iliev S, Pesheva N, Nikolayev VS
Physical Review E 78 (2008) 021605

Dynamic drying in the early-stage coalescence of droplets sitting on a plate
Narhe RD, Beysens DA, Pomeau Y
Epl 81 (2008) 46002