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SBT publications in 2005

Published on 12 March 2019

Dynamics of Phase Transition in H2 Under High Frequency Vibrations
Beysens D, Chatain D, Evesque P, Garrabos Y
Microgravity - Science and Technology 16 (2005) 274-278

High-frequency driven capillary flows speed up the gas-liquid phase transition in zero-gravity conditions
Beysens D, Chatain D, Evesque P, Garrabos Y
Physical Review Letters 95 (2005) 034502

Measurement and modelling of dew in island, coastal and alpine areas
Beysens D, Muselli M, Nikolayev V, Narhe R, Milimouk I
Atmospheric Research 73 (2005) 1-22

Convection and Heat Transfer Experiments in Supercritical Fluid Under Microgravity: From MIR to ISS
Emelianov VM, Lednev AK, Polezhaev VI, Ivanov AI, Putin GF, Zyuzgin AV, Beysens D, Garrabos Y
Microgravity - Science and Technology 16 (2005) 164-169

Granular Gas in Weightlessness : The Limit Case of Very Low Densities of Non Interacting Spheres
Evesque P, Palencia F, Lecoutre-Chabot C, Beysens D, Garrabos Y
Microgravity - Science and Technology 16 (2005) 280-284

Production of highly charged heavy ions by means of a hybrid source in DC mode and in afterglow mode
Gammino S, Ciavola G, Torrisi L, Celona L, Ando L, Manciagli S, Consoli F, Galata A, Picciotto A, Mezzasalma AM et al.
Plasma Processes and Polymers 2 (2005) 458-463

Wetting film dynamics during evaporation under weightlessness in a near-critical fluid
Hegseth J, Oprisan A, Garrabos Y, Nikolayev VS, Lecoutre-Chabot C, Beysens D
Physical Review E 72 (2005) 031602

Quasistatic relaxation of arbitrarily shaped sessile drops
Iliev S, Pesheva N, Nikolayev VS
Physical Review E 72 (2005) 011606

Dynamics of drop coalescence on a surface: The role of initial conditions and surface properties
Narhe R, Beysens D, Nikolayev VS
International Journal of Thermophysics 26 (2005) 1743-1757

Dynamics and depinning of the triple contact line in the presence of periodic surface defects
Nikolayev VS
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 17 (2005) 2111-2119

Magnetic compensation of gravity forces in liquid/gas mixtures: surpassing intrinsic limitations of a superconducting magnet by using ferromagnetic inserts
Quettier L, Felice H, Mailfert A, Chatain D, Beysens D
European Physical Journal-Applied Physics 32 (2005) 167-175