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Publications of the LLRC

Published on 26 October 2022
Probing quantum and classical turbulence analogy in von Karman liquid helium, nitrogen, and water experiments
Saint-Michel B, Herbert E, Salort J, Baudet C, Mardion MB, Bonnay P, Bourgoin M, Castaing B, Chevillard L, Daviaud F, et al.
Physics of Fluids26 (2014) 125109

Investigations of pulsed heat loads on a forced flow supercritical helium loop - Part A: Experimental set up
Hoa C, Bon-Mardion M, Bonnay P, Charvin P, Cheynel JN, Lagier B, Michel F, Monteiro L, Poncet JM, Roussel P, Rousset B, Vallcorba-Carbonell R
Cryogenics 52 (2012) 340-348

Liquid helium inertial jet for comparative study of classical and quantum turbulence
Duri D, Baudet C, Charvin P, Virone J, Rousset B, Poncet JM, Diribarne P
Review of Scientific Instruments 82 (2011) 115109