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Dynamic simulations of large cryogenic systems for future particle accelerators

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Published on 16 October 2019
High-field superconducting magnets of the international and challenging FCC project coordinated by CERN may require more than 100 kW-range helium refrigeration at 1.8 K and 10 MW-range refrigeration around 50 K for synchrotron radiation beam screens. To produce such large cooling powers, classic gas compression/expansion cycles will be used and require efficient and reliable fluid properties, processes and components (compressors, expanders, heat exchangers). Such large refrigeration systems have been never operated or studied. CEA has performed a conceptual design study in collaboration with CERN and industries to evaluate the process cycles and the required key technologies. Additionally, CEA has recently developed fluid properties models for gas mixture at low temperature in collaboration with NIST.
Based on these previous works, the proposed internship will focus on modelling and dynamic simulations of such large cryogenic systems. First, the trainee will have to assess the potential process cycles and to model the selected cycles in nominal operation. Second, the intern will perform dynamic simulations for reduced capacity and transient modes to estimate the overall capability and the performance limits of cryogenic systems.

Requested skills
Thermodynamics, Modelling, Cryogenics, Dynamic simulations, Microsoft Office, Matlab, Simulink

Thermodynamics, Modelling, Cryogenics, Dynamic simulation

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