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SBT publications in 2015

Published on 12 March 2019
Joint Analysis of BICEP2/Keck Array and Planck Data
Ade PAR, Aghanim N, Ahmed Z, Aikin RW, Alexander KD, Arnaud M, Aumont J, Baccigalupi C, Banday AJ, Barkats D, et al.
Physical Review Letters 114 (2015) 101301
HAl <hal-01593518>

BICEP2/Keck Array V: Measurements of B-mode polarization at degree angular scales and 150 GHz by the Keck Array
Ade PAR, Ahmed Z, Aikin RW, Alexander KD, Barkats D, Benton SJ, Bischoff CA, Bock JJ, Brevik JA, Buder I, et al.
Astrophysical Journal 811 (2015) 126

Antenna-coupled TES bolometers used in BICEP2, keck array, and spider
Ade PAR, Aikin RW, Amiri M, Barkats D, Benton SJ, Bischoff CA, Bock JJ, Bonetti JA, Brevik JA, Buder I, et al.
Astrophysical Journal 812 (2015) 176

BICEP2/Keck Array. IV. Optical Characterization and Performance of the BICEP2 and Keck Array Experiments
Ade PAR, Aikin RW, Barkats D, Benton SJ, Bischoff CA, Bock JJ, Bradford KJ, Brevik JA, Buder I, Bullock E, et al.
Astrophysical Journal 806 (2015) 206

BICEP2. III. Instrumental Systematics
Ade PAR, Aikin RW, Barkats D, Benton SJ, Bischoff CA, Bock JJ, Brevik JA, Buder I, Bullock E, Dowell CD, et al.
Astrophysical Journal 814 (2015) 110

How droplets nucleate and grow on liquids and liquid impregnated surfaces
Anand S, Rykaczewski K, Subramanyam SB, Beysens D and Varanasi KK
Soft Matter 11 (2015) 69-80
HAl <cea-01570112>

Pushing NMR sensitivity limits using dynamic nuclear polarization with closed-loop cryogenic helium sample spinning
Bouleau E, Saint-Bonnet P, Mentink-Vigier F, Takahashi H, Jacquot J-F, Bardet M, Aussenac F, Purea A, Engelke F, Hediger S, et al.
Chemical Science 6 (2015) 6806-6812
HAl <hal-01587521>

Criticality in the slowed-down boiling crisis at zero gravity
Charignon T, Lloveras P, Chatain D, Truskinovsky L, Vives E, Beysens D and Nikolayev VS
Physical Review E 91 (2015) 053007
HAl <cea-01366768>

Luminescence from Collapsing Centimeter Bubbles Expanded by Chemical Reaction
Duplat J and Villermaux E
Physical Review Letters 115 (2015) 094501
HAl <(à corriger) hal-01348655>

Hot-wire anemometry for superfluid turbulent coflows
Duri D, Baudet C, Moro J-P, Roche P-E and Diribarne P
Review of Scientific Instruments 86 (2015) 025007
HAl <cea-01122176>

Fast Variation of Gravitational Acceleration in Fluids Using Magnetic Levitation
Gandikota G, Beysens D, Chatain D, Pichavant G and Mailfert A
Microgravity Science and Technology 27 (2015) 221-229
HAl <hal-01592968>

Geyser Formation in Oxygen when Subjected to fast Acceleration Changes
Gandikota G, Pichavant G, Chatain D, Amiroudine S and Beysens D
Microgravity Science and Technology 27 (2015) 115-127
HAl <hal-01592966>

Crossover Equation of State Models Applied to the Critical Behavior of Xenon
Garrabos Y, Lecoutre C, Marre S, Guillaument R, Beysens D and Hahn I
Journal of Statistical Physics 158 (2015) 1379-1412
HAl <hal-01128401>

Frost formation with salt
Guadarrama-Cetina J, Mongruel A, Gonzalez-Vinas W and Beysens D
EPL 110 (2015) 56002
HAl <hal-01593539>

JT-60SA superconducting magnet system
Koide Y, Yoshida K, Wanner M, Barabaschi P, Cucchiaro A, Davis S, Decool P, Di Pietro E, Disset G, Genini L, et al.
Nuclear Fusion 55 (2015) 086001

Weightless experiments to probe universality of fluid critical behavior
Lecoutre C, Guillaument R, Marre S, Garrabos Y, Beysens D and Hahn I
Physical Review E 91 (2015) 060101

Dew harvesting efficiency of four species of cacti
Malik FT, Clement RM, Gethin DT, Beysens D, Cohen RE, Krawszik W and Parker AR
Bioinspiration & Biomimetics 10 (2015) 036005

Inverted Leidenfrost-like Effect during Condensation
Narhe R, Anand S, Rykaczewski K, Medici M-G, Gonzalez-Vinas W, Varanasi KK and Beysens D
Langmuir 31 (2015) 5353-5363

Boiling Crisis Dynamics: Low Gravity Experiments at High Pressure
Nikolayev V, Garrabos Y, Lecoutre C, Charignon T, Hitz D, Chatain D, Guillaument R, Marre S and Beysens D
Microgravity Science and Technology 27 (2015) 253-260
HAl <hal-01235390>

Direct imaging of long-range concentration fluctuations in a ternary mixture
Oprisan A, Oprisan SA, Hegseth JJ, Garrabos Y, Lecoutre C and Beysens D
European Physical Journal E 38 (2015) 17
HAl <hal-01138730>

The plasma levitation of droplets
Poulain C, Dugue A, Durieux A, Sadeghi N and Duplat J
Applied Physics Letters 107 (2015) 064101

SPICA/BLISS cryo-chain demonstrator
Prouve T, Duband L, Hodis J, Bock JJ, Bradford CM and Holmes W
Cryogenics 70 (2015) 70-75

Dew as a sustainable non-conventional water resource: a critical review
Tomaszkiewicz M, Abou Najm M, Beysens D, Alameddine I and El-Fadel M
Environmental Reviews 23 (2015) 425-442