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SBT publications in 2007

Published on 12 March 2019

The effect of vibrations on heterogeneous fluids: Some studies in weightlessness
Beysens D, Chatain D, Garrabos Y, Lecoutre C, Palencia F, Evesque P, Nikolayev V
Acta Astronautica 61 (2007) 1002-1009

Status report of the MS-ECRIS construction
Ciavola G, Gammino S, Celona L, Consoli F, Gallo G, Mascali D, Passarello S, Cavenago M, Galata A, Spaedtke P, Tinschert K, Lang R, Koivisto H, Suominen P, Tarvainen O, Barue C, Lechartier M, Leroy R, Beijers JPM, Brandenburg S, Kremers HR, Vanrooyen D, Kuchler D, Hitz D, Seyfert P, Schachter L, Dobrescu S
High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics-Chinese Edition 31 (2007) 13-17

Operation of the GTS-LHC source for the hadron injector at CERN
Dumas L, Hill C, Hitz D, Kuchler D, Mastrostefano C, O'Neil M, Scrivens R
High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics-Chinese Edition 31 (2007) 51-54

Thermoconvectional phenomena induced by vibrations in supercritical SF6 under weightlessness
Garrabos Y, Beysens D, Lecoutre C, Dejoan A, Polezhaev V, Emelianov V
Physical Review E 75 (2007) 056317

Recent progress in high frequency electron cyclotron resonance ion sources
Hitz D
High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics-Chinese Edition 31 (2007) 123-127

Growth dynamics of water drops on a square-pattern rough hydrophobic surface
Narhe RD, Beysens DA
Langmuir 23 (2007) 6486-6489

A study of dew water yields on Galvanized iron roofs in Kothara (North-West India)
Sharan G, Beysens D, Milimouk-Melnytchouk I
Journal of Arid Environments 69 (2007) 259-269

On the design of capacitive sensors using flexible electrodes for multipurpose measurements
Thibault P, Diribarne P, Fournier T, Perraud S, Puech L, Wolf PE, Rousset B, Vallcorba R
Review of Scientific Instruments 78 (2007) 043903