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SBT publications in 2006

Published on 12 March 2019

Dew nucleation and growth
Beysens D
Comptes Rendus Physique 7 (2006) 1082-1100

Comment on - "The moisture from the air as water resource in arid region: Hopes, doubt and facts" - by Kogan and Trahtman
Beysens D, Milimouk I, Nikolayev VS, Berkowicz S, Muselli M, Heusinkveld B, Jacobs AFG
Journal of Arid Environments 67 (2006) 343-352

Chemical and biological characteristics of dew and rain water in an urban coastal area (Bordeaux, France)
Beysens D, Ohayon C, Muselli M, Clus O
Atmospheric Environment 40 (2006) 3710-3723

Contact line dynamics in the late-stage coalescence of diethylene glycol drops
Beysens DA, Narhe RD
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (2006) 22133-22135

Estimation of the recycled power associated with the cryogenic refrigeration power of a fusion reactor based on TORE SUPRA experiment and ITER design
Duchateau JL, Journeaux JY, Millet F
Nuclear Fusion 46 (2006) S94-S99

Piston-effect-induced thermal jets in near-critical fluids
Frohlich T, Beysens D, Garrabos Y
Physical Review E 74 (2006) 046307

A comparative study of two large radiative dew water condensers
Muselli M, Beysens D, Millmouk I
Journal of Arid Environments 64 (2006) 54-76

Is dew water potable? Chemical and biological analyses of dew water in Ajaccio (Corsica Island, France)
Muselli M, Beysens D, Soyeux E, Clus O
Journal of Environmental Quality 35 (2006) 1812-1817

Water condensation on a super-hydrophobic spike surface
Narhe RD, Beysens DA
Europhysics Letters 75 (2006) 98-104

Experimental evidence of the vapor recoil mechanism in the boiling crisis
Nikolayev VS, Chatain D, Garrabos Y, Beysens D
Physical Review Letters 97 (2006) 184503

Modeling of the moving deformed triple contact line: Influence of the fluid inertia
Nikolayev VS, Gavrilyuk SL, Gouin H
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 302 (2006) 605-612

Evaluation of thermal gradients and thermosiphon in dual channel cable-in-conduit conductors
Renard B, Duchateau JL, Rousset B, Tadrist L
Cryogenics 46 (2006) 629-642