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Proceedings du LLRC

Publié le 13 mars 2019
Performance of the JT-60SA cryogenic system under pulsed heat loads during acceptance tests
Hoa C, Bonne F, Roussel P, Lamaison V, Girard S, Fejoz P, Goncalves R, Vallet JC, Legrand J, Fabre Y, et al.
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 278 (2017) 012104

Installation and pre-commissioning of the cryogenic system of JT-60SA tokamak
Hoa C, Michel F, Roussel P, Fejoz P, Girard S, Goncalves R, Lamaison V, Natsume K, Kizu K, Koide Y, et al.
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 171 (2017) 012047

A Simulink Library of cryogenic components to automatically generate control schemes for large Cryorefrigerators
Bonne F, Alamir M, Hoa C, Bonnay P, Bon-Mardion M and Monteiro L
IOP Conference Series-Materials Science and Engineering 101 (2015) UNSP 012171

Heat load estimator for smoothing pulsed heat loads on supercritical helium loops
Hoa C, Lagier B, Rousset B, Bonnay P and Michel F
Physics Procedia 67 (2015) 1147-1152

Cryogenic turbulence test facilities at CEA/SBT
Rousset B, Baudet C, Bon-Mardion M, Bourgoin M, Braslau A, Daviaud F, Diribarne P, Dubrulle B, Gagne Y, Gallet B, et al.
IOP Conference Series-Materials Science and Engineering 101 (2015) 012187
HAL <cea-01367182>

Conceptual Design of the JT-60SA Cryogenic System
Lamaison V, Beauvisage J, Fejoz P, Girard S, Gonvalves R, Gonde R, Heloin V, Michel F, Hoa C, Kamiya K, et al.
AIP Conference Proceedings 1573 (2014) 337-344

Forced flow supercritical helium in a closed heat transfer loop subjected to pulsed heat loads
Hoa C, Bonnay P, Bon-Mardion M, Charvin P, Cheynel JN, Girard A, Lagier B, Michel F, Monteiro L, Poncet JM, Roussel P, Rousset B, Vallcorba-Carbonell R
AIP Conference Proceedings 1434 (2012) 1943-1950

Cryogenic requirements for the JT-60SA Tokamak
Michel F, Hitz D, Hoa C, Lamaison V, Kamiya K, Roussel P, Wanner M, Yoshida K
AIP Conference Proceedings 1434 (2012) 78-85

ITER cryogenic system validation tests at helios test facility
Vallcorba R, Rousset B, Poncet JM, Chang HS, Forgeas A, Maekawa R, Serio L, Bonnay P, Bon-Mardion M, Girard A, Hoa C, Lagier B, Michel F, Roussel P
AIP Conference Proceedings 1434 (2012) 1415-1423

Monte Carlo approach to define the refrigerator capacities for JT-60SA
Wanner M, Barabaschi P, Lamaison V, Michel F, Reynaud P, Roussel P
Fusion Engineering and Design 86 (2011) 1511-1513

Design status of the cryogenic system and operation modes analysys of the jt-60sa tokamak
Roussel P, Hoa C, Lamaison V, Michel F, Reynaud P, Wanner M
AIP Conference Proceedings 1218 (2010) 1445-1452

Introduction of a saturated bath in vincenta models: application to the cryogenic system for jt-60sa tokamak
Rousset B, Roussel P, Michel F, Hitz D
AIP Conference Proceedings 1218 (2010) 1468-1475